Private Vendor Benefits

Do you own a collection of wine or whiskies that will unfortunately go unappreciated? Have you ever thought about selling your products online? Cellar Link – Marketplace enables Private Vendors to easily sell their products directly to other consumers.Private Vendor Benefits

How it Works

Start selling your wine and beverages on Cellar Link – Marketplace once your products are stored in one of our fulfilment warehouses. Sell a little or sell a lot, you decide. There are no volume commitments required when storing with us. Follow our 8-step process below to start selling on Cellar Link – Marketplace today!


1. Store your products

Store your products

Open an account with our partner fulfilment warehouse, Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics and deposit the products you wish to store/sell. Learn more about our partner fulfilment warehouses here.

2. Your Vendor account

Your seller account

Create a Cellar Link Vendor account – your account will be verified and all products which were deposited in the warehouse will synchronise with your Vendor account. Your Vendor account will be the account used to sell your products on Cellar Link – Marketplace.

3. Sales settings

Sales settings

Access our sophisticated VMP software when you log into your Cellar Link Vendor Account, From here, specify the products in which you’d like to list for sale and enter the price you would like to sell these at. Apply automatic bidding to your listings for a quicker sale.

4. Maximise your sales reach

Maximise your sales reach

Choose from a number of additional marketing tools, including our exclusive crowdfunded advertising feature, exclusively offered to our private vendors. Learn more about our various marketing tools here.

5. Begin selling!

Begin selling

Once you are satisfied with how your sales setting are sorted, you’re ready to start selling on Cellar Link – Marketplace. Log into your Vendor Account at any time to adjust your product listings and bids.

6. Simplified logistics

Simplified logistics

Through our partner fulfilment warehouse, we will pick, pack, and deliver each order to your consumers – as quickly and safely as possible. With VMP, you with the ability to track and trace each orders’ journey from the warehouse to your customer.

7. Monitor your sales data

Monitor your sales data

Gain a deeper understanding of your sales data through our comprehensive analytics. Benchmark your sales data against competitors in the Cellar Link – Marketplace and optimise your listings accordingly.

8. Automatic payments

Automatic payments

Receive automatic payment for the sales you make on Cellar Link – Marketplace within 5 business days. Access automated tax compliance invoicing and sales/payments reports through your Vendor account at any time.

Start selling online in a few easy stepsContact us for information about our payment plans and start selling today!

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